Higher Degrees

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Council of Higher Degrees

2-1-2021 We are sad to announce that Barney Dahl passed away January 31. Barney was a member of the Downers Grove lodge for over 60 years

1/7/12 Downers Grove Lodge 1535 Moose Pilgrims, Dave Henzel, Mike Pelling, Bob Pelling, Barney Dahl (R.I.P.), Joe Mech.
Downers Grove Fellows: Dave Gardner, Barney Dahl (R.I.P.), Robert Pelling, James ‘JC’ Lippert, Michael Pelling, John Cuff, Joseph Mech, Donald Kubilius, Rich Murrow, Roy Brown. (Not in picture, Charles Henczel, John Konezney, Richard Pearson, Edward Fitzgerald, Scott Martin, Rick Bright, Tom Moran, Scott Robinson, Jeff Kindermann, Walter Olewinski.)
1/26/2013 Jeff Kindermann was recognized as the Downers Grove Moose Legionnaire of the Year at the annual Mecca Moose Legion Awards Banquet held at the St. Charles Moose Lodge on January 26th. Downers Grove Moose legion members attending that night were from left: Mike Pelling, Peter Poshepny who was enrolled that evening as a Moose Legionnaire, Jeff Kindermann, Scott Robinson, Barney Dahl (R.I.P.) and Don Kubilius.

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