Moose Cruise Night

Next Moose Cruise Night, Friday July 8th

July 8th Not-For-Profit Group, Special Olympics of Illinois


Enter from Forest & Warren Ave. (West side). No access from Main St. Cars can start parking at 3:30

We need volunteers to make this event happen and be successful. Please let me know if you would like to help and availability.


Great weather, over 100 Classic & cool cars, great people, good food, and worthy Not-For-Profit’s make for a fun day in Downers Grove at the Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge 1535. Thank you for coming out and look forward to seeing you next Friday 6/10/22



7/24/21 Our 1st Cruise Night was a big success even with bad weather in the forecast. Thank you to everyone that brought out some really cool cars. Hope every one had a great time and a chance to enjoy some great food from the “Outback”, great music by Lisa Star & Jimmy Mac from the “Mustangs”, and maybe even a few cocktails.

We could not put on this event with out the help of a lot of volunteers. Thank you to all.

Classic cars will return to Downers Grove on Friday nights this summer, but don’t expect to see the vintage vehicles and their proud owners gathered in the downtown area. Instead, the show will relocate to the parking lot of the Moose Lodge, which will organize the popular event.

The Summer Nights Classic Car Show was indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic, but Moose Lodge members reached out to the Downtown Downers Grove Management Corporation – the show’s prior organizer – about a plan to resurrect the event.

The Moose Lodge hosted three interim car shows last year. This year, it will take over the event with the support of the Downtown Management Corporation. The location will change from Curtiss and Main streets to the Moose Lodge parking lot on the opposite side of the train tracks. The Downtown Management Corporation will book the musical acts.

“For us, this was a way to continue to extended dining and to do [the Cruise Nights], too, with the Moose keeping it in a confined space to continue to allow outdoor dining,” said Erin Venezia, executive director of the Downtown Management Corporation. “Things have to change sometimes, and I’m excited for it. I’m hopeful this will be seen as a success for all parties.”

The Moose Lodge is continuing to finalize approvals for the event, but information can be found on its website, said Dave Gardner, a Moose Lodge trustee and coordinator of the event.

In previous years, the Downtown Management Corporation named a “featured car” at each week’s Cruise Nights, and those cars would park along Curtiss Street, anchoring the theme of that week. The Moose Lodge plans to bring a new concept and focus its themes on local charities, Gardner said. Charities are expected to include, Illinois Special Olympics, Moose Heart and youth robotics groups, he said.

“We just want to get cars back out to Downers Grove,” Gardner said. “I’ve got a really excited group together that’s ready to do this.”

In previous years, more than 100 cars could be seen filling up Curtiss and Main streets, as well as Burlington Avenue. Venezia said while cars did fill Main and Burlington, the only sponsored part of the show was the featured cars on Curtiss Street. Any cars that showed up beyond that were coming on their own as an extension of Cruise Nights.

Venezia said she believes the modified event is a way to appease as many people as possible. Congestion during the event was a periodic issue, she said, with car owners coming as many as five hours early and taking up parking spaces. The new plan allows Downers Grove to have both outdoor dining and a Cruise Night, alleviating congestion, she said.

“It brings people to the community every week, and they learn about the Moose,” Gardner said. “We’ve gotten good, expert advice about the dos and don’ts and what to expect. Cars are a reason to come out, [and] after two years of not having it, we’re just very excited to bring back cars.”